Who We Are

Accomplished, Passionate & Accountable

Development as well as Construction Experience as well as Construction Company as well as Rental Company.

Accomplished. Passionate. Accountable.

That’s the Lombardi team. With decades of combined construction experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your job done right. Passion drives our commitment to top-quality work. Honor and integrity mean the job’s not complete until you’re satisfied.


In July of 1999, Paul M. Lombardi II & Karolee Lombardi founded Lombardi Development in their hometown of Follansbee, WV. What started out as a small construction company grew rapidly into a well-respected leader in the construction industry with a highly diversified portfolio. Today Lombardi consists of four divisions – Construction, Services, Rentals, and Development.

Our People

Lombardi associates are experts in construction. We take pride in delivering quality — on time and within budget.

Meet Our Management Team

Paul M. Lombardi II

Founder / Owner

Karolee Lombardi

Founder / Owner
Vice President

Jason Nuzum

Director of Construction & Project Management

Chad Galownia

Project Manager &
Safety Coordinator

Jeff Roberts

Project Manager & Estimator

Jack Prettyman

Project Manager

Jean Galownia

Construction Administrator &
Office Manager

Jessie Russell

Operations Manager

Bernie Elliott

Director of Estimating

Kurt Sperringer

Assistant Estimator & Safety Coordinator

Amber Nest

Project Management &
Estimating Coordinator

Maria Belback-Nuzum

Financial & Human Resources Manager

Joe Lombardi

Director of Business Development

Paul Nuzum

Warehouse Manager

Development as well as Construction Experience as well as Construction Company as well as Rental Company.


As a Construction Company, Lombardi General Contractor Weirton has what you are looking for. Whenever you are in need of Construction Experience as well as Development experience, don’t go anywhere else. Due to the amount of experience as well as skill possessed by our team here will give you what you need. As a Rental Company, we offer the best in leases as well as rentals. In the event that you are looking for these type of services, our company is here.
Together with state of the art equipment and premium materials, your serve will get taken care of right the first time. After all who wants to have to fix something that a company should have done to begin with? With this in mind get ahold of the people here and we can get you started on all types of services we offer to our customers.


As a Construction Company, our services are top of the line. Whenever you contact Lombardi General Contractor Weirton you will be getting adive from our skilled as well as experience staff of contractors. Once you sign with us, your construction project begins. First, you are going to have our staff as well as our tools to get you started on what you have in your mind for your service. Second you are going to be putting all your thoughts into words and drawings with the team of Lombardi. Together with our Construction Experience you will be getting a Development made for your home or business with your personal touch. You’re going to do awesome as well as cool. That is the best thing ever. Our team is going to be cool as well as awesome for you.

We know the whenever you go to the competition, you normally get a pre-made set to chose from. However if you are working with Lombardi’s Construction Company, each project done will be the way that you are wanting it. Because of this, each piece of your project has you in all aspects, which is equally as important as the project itself.

Construction Experience

Whenever is comes to Construction Experience our Construction Company as well as our Rental Company has no match. With this in mind you are not going to end up get all the best materials for the job. Overall each part of your Development has the Lombardi General Contractor Weirton touch. In other words, people will know that you got your job done right by the team as well as the tools from our company.

At the end of the day you’re getting the best from us. In the event that you feel that the job was not done in the way you want it, we will be getting the job taken care of, without any expense to you. As a result, you will be getting a redo of the project. Because of this hassle, the job will get a better handling the first time around. Additionally along the way, if there is something going on with the project that you are not a fan of, our Construction Company will use their Construction Experience to take care of your needs.

Construction Company

As a Rental Company our apartments as well as our condos will be at your disposal. Our Development is the best for the best price. With this in mind, your are able to know that the apartments you are getting are of the best quality as well as being good for your budget. At the end of the day each person wants to know that if in the event they are looking for a great rental space.

With this in mind, you can count on our Rental Company, as well as our Construction Experience from our Construction Company. Each Development has the renter in mind. In the event that you are looking for this type of rental, look no further than the best Development in the game here at Lombardi.

Rental Company

In summary you are wanting to get the best of the best whenever it comes to the Construction Experience. As a result, our Construction Company as well as our Rental Company strives to give you a Development that is going to satisfy all your needs.

Overall you are going to be getting top notch services as well as a top notch team every step of the way with us. With this in mind, contact our offices today and we can get you started on your new project. Let our team help you figure out what is best for your home as well as your business. Call us today! Let us help you do what you want in a cool as well as awesome way.

Development as well as Construction Experience as well as Construction Company as well as Rental Company.


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