Our Process

Getting Your Job Done Right

At Lombardi, our process combines old-fashioned attention to detail with the latest technology. The result? Your project goes smoothly from beginning to end. It all starts with an honest handshake as we meet to explore your dreams and define your goals.

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    • During pre-construction planning, we work with architects and engineers to achieve a shared vision of your project. Asking hard questions now saves time, money and frustration later.
    • With blueprints and site analysis in hand, we employ cutting-edge estimating and scheduling software to put together a solid construction budget and plan.
    • Once the contract is signed, we get straight to work. As the active onsite leaders, we keep construction and communication flowing smoothly. You know where the project stands every step of the way.
    • When issues arise, we find creative solutions that keep the budget and schedule in line. Construction ends with an honest handshake when you’re as proud of the work as we are.

Pre Construction as well as Cutting Edge Estimating as well as Scheduling Software as well as Lombardi Process as well as Construction Planning

Lombardi Process

Regardless of the size of the job, none are too big or too small for the Lombardi Process from Lombardi General Contractor Weirton. Whenever you are deciding on a new project, instead of going to outside sources, come to your true local source for your construction as well as your other service needs. Together with our Cutting Edge Estimating as well as our Scheduling Software your project will not only get done in a quick manner but on your budget.

Due to our Construction Planning that includes things such as a Pre Construction process, you will get the best people for the job. In addition you are getting the team as well as the materials you need to make a unique as well as state of the art development. Whether it is a small project or one that is a tough process, the Lombardi Process is here for our customers.

Pre Construction

As a result of our Pre Construction, not only are you get a team that has early preparation, rather you are getting top notch Construction Planning. With this in mind, our Scheduling Software as well as Cutting Edge Estimating has an advantage to you. Therefore each time you choose the Lombardi Process, each member has the training as well the the tools to get the job done the right way, the first time around. Overall our company takes pride in our work. Therefore we show off our work as much as we can. Furthermore we explain as well as recommend the latest methods as well as materials for our clients. Because of this, our customers have the knowledge that you are getting what you are paying for. At the end of the day each customer wants to deal with people they can trust. Because of this, our service team is here to help you with all of your needs.

Cutting Edge Estimating

Whenever you are working with the Lombardi Process, you are going to get what you pay for. First off you are getting Scheduling Software for your project. In other words, you will be getting all of your project, regardless of size, in the best timeline as possible. Therefore instead of having to wonder when your stuff is going to get done, our team has the tools to show you the whole Construction Planning Process. Together with our Pre Construction, you are going to have a top quality timetable to help your stress lower.

Along with our Cutting Edge Estimating, you are able to see what your schedule as well as your budget is going to be for your project. Instead of being in the dark of how much your wallet is going to get pinched, rather you can use our Lombardi Process.

Scheduling Software

Whenever you decide to go with our people, you are going to understand what true quality as well as care is. In the event that you are not happy with what happened with your project, instead of letting you deal with it Lombardi General Contractor Weirton comes in and fixes what we broke. Regardless of how you feel about the Pre Construction as well as Construction Planning, we can change whatever you want. The first thing that is truly important to us is our customers.

Therefore we drive ourselves to never make mistakes. However there are times that something might go wrong. With this in mind, our team does our best to make things right. Together with our Cutting Edge Estimating as well as Scheduling Software, the people in the Lombardi Process have the training as well as the cability to help our clients through the whole process. Instead of going to the other guys, come to people that truly care about your project as well as your experience with us.

Construction Planning

At the end of the day, each customer wants to get a great project done as well as great service to them. With this in mind, our Lombardi Process uses all types of tools as well as techniques to do what is best for the customer. Whenever you are in the market for these type of services look no further than our team here at Lombardi General Contractor Weirton. Contact our people today and we can get you connected with one of our trained pros to get you started on your latest venture.

Pre Construction as well as Cutting Edge Estimating as well as Scheduling Software as well as Lombardi Process as well as Construction Planning